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  • Audience: Younger
  • Format: Television Series
  • Alma’s Way

    “Alma’s Way” provides an authentic view of a Puerto Rican family living in New York. Throughout the show, viewers are immersed in Alma’s daily life in the Bronx. As Alma reflects on her experiences, children learn to problem-solve, explore their emotions, and value the diversity in their communities. 

    “The committee was impressed by the diverse and authentic voices represented in the show and the extensive set of caregiver resources developed for meaningful joint media engagement,” said Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award Committee Chair Celeste Swanson.  

  • Tab Time

    “Tab Time” welcomes viewers ages 3-5 for a thematic exploration into concepts that are relevant to children’s lives, including family, music, and movement. Ms. Tab’s warmth encourages the use of imagination. Episodes take the viewer on a journey through songs, crafts, and healthy snacks in a fun and inviting environment.