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  • Author: Sharon Creech
  • Saving Winslow

    Through vignettes of sparse text, this story follows 10-year-old Louie as he takes on the challenge of saving a fragile, newborn mini-donkey that has been rejected by its mother.
  • Walk Two Moons

    Thirteen-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle sets out on a cross-country journey with her grandparents to see her mother, who has not returned from a visit to Idaho. Sal entertains her grandparents by telling them about her new friend Phoebe, and in so doing begins to understand herself and her own mother. The book, packed with humor and affection, is an odyssey of unexpected twists and surprising conclusions.
  • The Wanderer

    Sailing across the Atlantic with her uncles and cousins becomes a journey of discovery for thirteen-year-old Sophie. The carefully designed plot gradually reveals the truth of Sophie's past, even as readers begin to wonder about this rag-tag crew. Through journal entries, multiple viewpoints are weaved into a story that speaks to the power of survival and the delicacy of grief.