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  • Author: Beverly Cleary
  • Dear Mr. Henshaw

    Leigh Botts starts writing to the author of Ways to Amuse a Dog in second grade. Year after year the letters, and then a diary, become vehicles for expressing his feelings about himself, his parents' divorce, and his problems in school. Leigh's growth and acceptance of the divorce are tempered with much humor.
  • Ramona and Her Father

    Ramona is in second grade when her father loses his job and her mother begins to work full-time. Ramona tries her best to help her family through the crisis, even starting a campaign to get her father to quit smoking. Her worries, problems, and joys, presented with lively good humor, are common to many children her age.
  • Ramona Quimby, Age 8

    Ramona is now starting the third grade and her life is full of the usual hilarious trials that cause her to be labeled a “nuisance and show-off” by her new teacher. Whether she is deciding if she prefers her printed Q to the floppy cursive one, getting raw egg in her hair, or facing an interminably boring Sunday, Ramona is always a memorable character.