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  • Author: Eleanor Estes
  • Ginger Pye

    The only clue to the mysterious disappearance of Ginger, the Pye family dog, is the unusual man in the mustard-colored hat. Jerry and Rachel look everywhere for their little dog, occasionally seeing the mustard-hatted man, and finally solve the mystery of Ginger's disappearance.

  • The Hundred Dresses

    Wanda Petronski, who speaks in broken English and always wears the same sparkling clean dress to school each day, brags to the other girls that she has a hundred dresses at home. Wanda is laughed at and teased by the other girls, and she and her family move away. Only then do the girls find Wanda's beautifully drawn pictures of one hundred dresses.
  • The Middle Moffat

    Janey is the “middle Moffat,” trying hard to be serious and to do everything well. Things do not seem to work out quite as she plans (her organ recital turns into an escape for thousands of moths), but the little girl is undeterred. She continues to make bold plans with outrageously funny results.
  • Rufus M.

    A lively and imaginative little boy, Rufus is the youngest of the four Moffat children. Anxious to do his part for the war effort, he knits washcloths, plants a victory garden, and earns enough money selling popcorn to become a Victory Boy.