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  • List: John Newbery Medal
  • Award year: 1937
  • Audubon

    Despite mysterious beginnings, John James Audubon manages to leave France and go to America. He marries but continues to traipse the countryside in search of birds and small animals to paint. Carefully researched, the book offers a well-rounded look at the man who became known for his nineteenth-century paintings of American birds.
  • The Codfish Musket

    Even as a youngster, Dan has a keen eye for fine rifles and arms. On a mission to Washington for his Boston employer, Dan becomes secretary to Thomas Jefferson. The president sends him into the frontier with a message for Merriwether Lewis, but along the way Dan spots gun thieves arming the Indians. He defeats them and delivers his message, finally returning to Washington.
  • The Golden Basket

    A staid English father and his two little daughters visit Bruges, Belgium, and stay at the Golden Basket Hotel. The girls and the hotel owner's son enjoy exploring the famous city. While visiting a cathedral, they meet twelve little girls standing in two straight lines, the youngest and spunkiest being Madeline.
  • Phebe Fairchild: Her Book

    When Phebe's mother decides to join Phebe's father on a sea voyage, the ten-yearold is sent to stay with relatives in the country. Life in 1830 rural Connecticut at first seems rigid to Phebe, and her copy of Mother Goose is a constant source of support. The child comes to appreciate her relatives, their simple life, their generosity, and their sense of fun.
  • Roller Skates

    Her wealthy parents in Europe, Lucinda spends a glorious year living with two teachers, skating all over New York City, and making friends everywhere. The people she meets, whether it is her impoverished musician neighbor or the hansom cab driver, appreciate her energy, friendliness, and determination.
  • Whistler's Van

    After his grandfather disappears one night with a cart and pony, Gwilyn decides he wants a chance to wander through Wales as well. When the Ringos, a family of gypsies, appear at the farmhouse and whistle, Gwilyn goes off with them for a summer full of music, adventure, and, most important, horses.
  • Winterbound

    With both of their parents gone for months, nineteen-year-old Kay and sixteen- year-old Garry take on managing both the rented cottage and their younger brother and sister. During a long, cold, but very exciting Depression-era winter, they make friends, earn and save money, and gain strength and independence.