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  • List: John Newbery Medal
  • Award year: 1993
  • The Dark-thirty: Southern Tales of the Supernatural

    The dark-thirty is that special half hour of twilight, just before dark, when everyone hurries home because the spirits and monsters come out. This collection of spinetingling tales ranges from the time of slavery to the civil rights movement. Strong characterization, classic themes, and suspenseful plots are strongly crafted in the oral tradition of African-American folklore.
  • Missing May

    Twelve-year-old Summer lives with her Aunt May and Uncle Ob in the mountains of West Virginia. When May dies, Summer, Uncle Ob, and Summer's friend, Cletus, try to get her back—or at least to get word of her—and to alleviate the pain. This trio of lovingly described characters journeys from intense grief to the understanding that love is never truly lost.
  • Somewhere in the Darkness

    Jimmy Little had always wanted a father. However, when Crab, his father, who is virtually a stranger, appears in a dark hallway straight from a prison hospital, it is not at all what he had hoped for. On the tense, frightening trip with Crab to Chicago and then to Alabama, Jimmy finds he must learn self-knowledge as well as compassion to deal with a difficult and dangerous situation.
  • What Hearts

    Seven-year-old Asa, by far the best in his class, comes home from the last day of school with a knapsack full of prizes to find that his whole world has changed. Asa tries to make sense of a world in which he is challenged and put down by a domineering stepfather and only partially sustained by his loving but disturbed mother. Four stories show Asa at seven, nine, eleven, and twelve, struggling to find the secret of connection with others.