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  • List: John Newbery Medal
  • Award year: 1995
  • Catherine, Called Birdy

    In the course of her fourteenth year, Catherine keeps a journal of her perceptive observations and longings for adventure and independence. Her lively, humorous descriptions of life on a thirteenth-century English manor, amid unwanted suitors and ever-present fleas, reach through time to speak to modern readers.
  • The Ear, the Eye, and the Arm

    A kidnapping of the General's three children in twenty-second-century Zimbabwe sets off a dramatic chase. In a series of extraordinary adventures, the children play a crucial role in a thrilling battle against the forces of evil. This futuristic detective story is interwoven with Africa's history, present-day concerns, and a variety of colorful characters.
  • Walk Two Moons

    Thirteen-year-old Salamanca Tree Hiddle sets out on a cross-country journey with her grandparents to see her mother, who has not returned from a visit to Idaho. Sal entertains her grandparents by telling them about her new friend Phoebe, and in so doing begins to understand herself and her own mother. The book, packed with humor and affection, is an odyssey of unexpected twists and surprising conclusions.