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  • List: Notable Children's Digital Media
  • ABC Kids-Tracing and Phonics

    A phonics and alphabet teaching app that features a series of tracing games to help kids recognize letter shapes, associate them with phonic sounds, and put their alphabet knowledge to use.

  • Apart of Me

    A small but open-world role-playing game (RPG), in which players connect with real stories of love and loss while working through their own grief. Includes journaling and real-life "assignments," mindfulness exercises, and resources for further support. Available in English.

  • Aquation: The Freshwater Access Game

    Produced by the Smithsonian, this simulation game educates children on water equity and challenges players to distribute resources and humanitarian aid around the globe. Available in English.

  • Arithmagic - Math Wizard Game

    Use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and other math skills to help a wizard cast math spells to defeat enemies. Available in English.

  • Artie's Magic Pencil

    Children join Artie on an interactive and creative drawing adventure as they learn how shapes can combine in a variety of ways to form objects. Downloadable worksheets for continued learning off-screen are also included.

  • Bandimal

    This open-ended music composition app lets kids create drum loops, compose melodies, and add effects onto songs. Compositions can be saved to the collection. Available in English.

  • Be Internet Awesome

    Explore the Interland, featuring four challenging games that teach kids the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship: Be Internet Smart, Be Internet Alert, Be Internet Strong, Be Internet Kind, and Be Internet Brave. Also features educational resources for both educators and parents regarding digital safety and citizenship for kids.

  • Breathe, Think and Do with Sesame

    Emphasizing meditation, this bilingual app teaches emotional control. Despite some navigational issues, the app features useful resources for parents on handling everyday issues, from learning patience to managing sibling rivalry.

  • Career Girls

    A diverse array of women professionals from around the world share their experiences for girls to explore careers. Content includes quizzes, extension activities, and resources for parents and teachers. Available in multiple languages.

  • The Cat in the Hat Builds That

    This companion to the PBS KIDS series The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That explores a variety of engaging STEM mini-games and activities. Includes supplemental materials and suggestions for caregiver/child interaction. Available in English and Spanish.

  • Coral Reef

    Part of Tinybop's Explorer's Library series, Coral Reef encourages children (4-8) to learn about marine life and explore the reef ecosystem. With impressive sound effects and crisp, clean graphics, children have ample opportunities to explore the gritty, gross, gorgeous and wondrous aspects of the reef ecosystem. The app offers vocabulary in 20+ languages and includes a handbook for caregivers to use as they support children’s discovery of ocean life.

  • The Creature Garden

    Imagine and create real or original fantastic animals by hatching eggs, adding animal qualities, and testing their skills. Children can name their animal creations, feed and groom them, and have their different creations race each other. Available in English. 

  • Daniel Tiger for Parents

    Songs and videos from the popular children's show guide parents to help their children develop social and emotional skills.

  • Dr. Panda Train

    A semi-guided simulation game in which players move a train from stop to stop, dropping off and picking up animal passengers along the way.

  • Droplets - Drops for Kids

    As a language learning app created specifically for families, parents can make Kid Profiles for multiple children of varying skill levels. Users can choose from over 30 languages to learn vocabulary, spelling, and word recognition. Available in multiple languages.

  • Drops

    Using simple navigation rather than relying on native language, this app and website teaches over 30 languages through audio/visual cues and mini-games. Available in multiple languages.

  • Ed and the Curious Crew at The Royal Children's Hospital

    Designed by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, this app uses videos and games to give kids a behind-the-scenes "tour" of the hospital and lets kids explore the hospital's different departments and careers.

  • Funexpected Math

    This app leads kids through a beautifully animated world using a wide variety of mathematical games and activities. Challenges increase noticeably in difficulty, and replay value is moderately high as users continue to build skills. Available in English.

  • GoNoodle - Kids Videos

    This app and website is full of short videos that provide music, movement, dance, stretching, yoga and mindfulness. A simple way to get kids moving in a safe and fun environment. Available in English.

  • Hopscotch

    Hopscotch is a visual coding language that allows kids to create their own games and apps via drag and drop. Video tutorials and lesson plans for educators are also available.

  • Hopster Coding Safari

    This drag-and-drop coding logic game teaches basic computational thinking. The controls are easy to use and the puzzles increase in difficulty to build skills. Available in English.

  • How It Works?

    Interactive animations and texts read aloud teach kids how natural phenomena work. Kids learn about energy, the water cycle, the parts of a plant, the Earth, earthquakes, and volcanos. Each lesson includes experiment and demonstration ideas for hands-on learning, as well as puzzles, sorting games, and drawing activities. Available in multiple languages.  

  • Inventioneers

    Explore physics concepts in a fun, game-based environment. Complete levels to earn additional objects to use in building your own invention.

  • Jet's Bot Builder

    Children build and personalize their own robot as they travel through outer space with Jet and his friends in this adaptive STEM app from PBS KIDS. Closed captions available. Available in English.

  • JigSpace

    Curious seekers of all ages can explore dozens of interactive 3D educational presentations, or "Jigs". This simple and easy-to-use app uses augmented reality (AR) to bring hands-on learning through step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics and concepts. Available in English. 

  • Khan Academy Kids

    Whimsical characters guide early learners through a multitude of interactive songs, videos, and activities in the areas of literacy, language, math, and logic. Caregivers can also track their child's progress through a report card feature.

  • Knowin - Learn Coding

    Children will learn basic coding knowledge at their own pace with this app that has the user tapping their answers instead of typing. Easy to navigate and no prior knowledge of coding required. Available in English. 

  • Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey

    In this science fiction puzzle game, help Nova Dune explore and learn about a civilization on the planet Krystopia where all the people have vanished. Available in multiple languages. 

  • Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

    Learn to play chess with Dr. Wolf, the coach who teaches, points out strategic ideas, and helps with mistakes. Players who subscribe to paid coaching receive some additional individualized coaching (acknowledgment of application of skills) and receive unlimited access to twenty five lessons. Best for beginners and intermediate players. Available in English.  

  • Lego Duplo World

    Based on the popular real world Duplo Legos, young children are invited to explore, discover, pretend, and create. Multi-touch functionality allows parent and child to engage together in side-by-side play. Children from all backgrounds will see themselves represented in this open-ended, play-based game. Free, but with paid add-ons. Available in multiple languages. 

  • Lexi's World

    Explore Lexi’s World, an enchanting app that provides a gentle introduction to letters, words, animals, and actions. The playful landscape allows young children and caregivers ample opportunities for rich interaction with each other. Surprises abound as children bring words to life and reveal discoveries about cause and effect.

  • Little Chickies / Los Pollitos

    Listen to the traditional Spanish lullaby accompanied by cute animated chicks from the Canticos board book. Other interactive activities include chick-related art projects that can be saved in a digital scrapbook. Available in multiple languages.

  • Little Mouse's Encyclopedia

    Explore beautifully illustrated European habitats while learning details about various animal and plant species. Detailed biomes include forest, underground, and underwater. Available in multiple languages.

  • Living Paintings: Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

    Learn about the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum's most famous works of art through interactive games. Young artists can also upload or create their own masterpieces in the art studio, using 20 different colors and four artistic mediums.

  • Martha Speaks Word Spinner

    An interactive game for up to 6 players, based on the Martha Speaks books. Players choose a dog as their game piece, spin a wheel, and complete the task (most involve sorting activities) in order to move along the board.

  • Math Land

    Kids and adults can practice math, everything from simple addition and subtraction equations to more complex equations, with the use of different strategies in a pirate game setting. Available in multiple languages.

  • Mathigon

    This free app for mathematics makes learning fun. Available in English only, the interactive platform offers a captivating narrative along with animation and colorful illustrations. From multiplication flashcards, fractals, to prime and Fibonacci numbers, this "Textbook of the Future” allows students to explore math in a new and exciting way. Best used as supplemental learning. 

  • Me: A Kid's Diary

    This digital journal app provides a guided introduction to multimedia storytelling and encourages self-expression. Users of different ages can create pages about themselves with prompts for silly drawings, self-portraits, gifs, photos, and sound recordings. Available in multiple languages.

  • Moose Math

    Builds early math skills through five interactive games. Players are rewarded for mastering skills with the ability to add new features to their fictional town.

  • Moshi Twilight Sleep Stories

    Relax into bedtime with calming stories, specifically created to help children drift off to sleep with soothing music, audio effects, and narration.

  • My Child Lebensborn

    Set in post-WWII Norway, this engrossing life-simulation game puts the player in the shoes of a foster parent. Players must make tough choices to guide their child through painful experiences like poverty, bullying, and shame. Available in multiple languages.

  • NAMOO - Wonders of Plant Life

    Combining engaging and interactive 3D animation with enriching encyclopedic content, children can explore and discover the life cycle of a plant. Available in multiple languages.

  • Nighty Night

    A calming bedtime app, Nighty Night allows children to interact with the short story by turning off lights and putting animals to bed, accompanied by music and narration.

  • Novel Effect

    Enhance storytime through voice-activated special effects. Choose from a comprehensive list of stories to read aloud and the app will do the rest. Available in English and Spanish.

  • Open Ocean: Marine Migration

    Learn about Earth's oceans, scientific research, and equipment through immersive 360-degree videos, maps, and infographics. Users can explore by visiting the free Ocean School website or by downloading their app to gain a more augmented/virtual reality experience. Available in English and French. 

  • OurStory Kids

    Created by We Need Diverse Books, this website and app recommends diverse titles to readers based on an extensive number of customizable preferences. The site may be used to purchase titles from a variety of vendors. Available in English.

  • PBS Kids Games

    Shows, games, and activities strengthen reading, science, creativity, math, music and social/emotional skills.

  • PBS Kids Scratch Jr.

    Use and learn coding to create interactive stories and games featuring favorite PBS characters. Includes a collection of lesson plans and resources for educators, parents, and caregivers.

  • PBS Parents Play & Learn

    Over a dozen games that build on everyday experiences, and increase pattern recognition, math skills, and literacy. Each game includes tips and advice for parents to help create meaningful interactions every day!

  • Peek-a-Zoo

    Peek-a-Zoo is a simple-to-use app game that teaches children to recognize emotions and interpret facial expressions by having them answer questions about animated animals.