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  • List: Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media
  • Coral Reef

    Part of Tinybop's Explorer's Library series, Coral Reef encourages children (4-8) to learn about marine life and explore the reef ecosystem. With impressive sound effects and crisp, clean graphics, children have ample opportunities to explore the gritty, gross, gorgeous and wondrous aspects of the reef ecosystem. The app offers vocabulary in 20+ languages and includes a handbook for caregivers to use as they support children’s discovery of ocean life.

  • The Imagine Neighborhood

    The Imagine Neighborhood podcast invites children and their grownups to engage in social-emotional learning through interactive storytelling, imaginative play, music, and mindfulness activities. Each episode features host Scotty Iseri and a cast of wacky characters, such as Count Vacula and Tantrumus Maximus, as they explore big feelings through the lens of imagination and invite families to play along. 

  • Lexi's World

    Explore Lexi’s World, an enchanting app that provides a gentle introduction to letters, words, animals, and actions. The playful landscape allows young children and caregivers ample opportunities for rich interaction with each other. Surprises abound as children bring words to life and reveal discoveries about cause and effect.

  • Molly of Denali

    In Molly of Denali, children join Molly, her dog Suki, and her friends Tooey and Trini in the Alaskan village, Qyah. Children use diagrams, pictures, field guides, and utilize maps, charts and informational text to help them solve problems and accomplish tasks. The app’s games, adventures, and explorations of Native language, art and music engage users while developing foundational skills in informational literacy.

  • Play and Learn Science

    With 12 interactive games that can be played in English or Spanish, Play and Learn Science by PBS Kids encourages children and caregivers to explore basic earth science, physical science, and life science topics together. Open-ended activities allow for exploration and promote a growth mindset. Bright, friendly graphics will draw young users in and verbal cues facilitate navigation.

  • Seek

    Encouraging meaningful joint media engagement in an exceptional way, Seek enables budding naturalists ages 4+ and their caregivers to embrace curiosity and explore the natural world in their communities and beyond. Seek harnesses image recognition technology to identify flora and fauna while including background information on organisms observed.

  • Sesame Street Family Play: Caring for Each Other

    Developed as a shared play experience for caregivers and young children, the Sesame Street Family Play app provides over 130 screen-free activities that encourage kids to stay busy, move their bodies, and calm themselves. Customizable game ideas and a simple design invite families to play together at home using everyday objects. The app is available in both English and Spanish.

  • States of Matter

    States of Matter by Tinybop introduces children to the basic principles of solids, liquids, and gases. The colorful, vibrant and open design encourages children to direct their own learning. Creative play, exploration, and elements of surprise abound. An extensive handbook allows continued engagement with caregivers through discussion and learning.