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  • Google Arts and Culture

    Google Arts & Culture is a comprehensive high-quality resource of primary source materials for families, students and teachers. The website, and it's companion app, allow for the exploration of a wide range of content from over 2,000 museums and archives across 80 countries. Music, art and culture from around the world is accessible through interactive exhibits, tours, and games. Enjoy a wide range of activities in 3D, augmented and virtual reality. Available in English.

  • Mathigon

    This free app for mathematics makes learning fun. Available in English only, the interactive platform offers a captivating narrative along with animation and colorful illustrations. From multiplication flashcards, fractals, to prime and Fibonacci numbers, this "Textbook of the Future” allows students to explore math in a new and exciting way. Best used as supplemental learning. 

  • NFL Play 60

    NFL Play 60 is a free app that encourages and challenges kids to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Kids can choose their own avatars and then earn coins to buy cool avatar gear by jumping, running, and turning while holding onto a device to log their movements. Available in English.

  • Prodigy Math Game

    Math practice becomes a magical quest in this simple multiplayer game. Students can choose their grade level, then customize an avatar to engage in spell battles/math problems, collecting coins, accessories, and pets for every correct answer. Available in English.