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  • Audience: Younger
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  • Math Land

    Kids and adults can practice math, everything from simple addition and subtraction equations to more complex equations, with the use of different strategies in a pirate game setting. Available in multiple languages.

  • Rebel Girls

    Kids of all ages can listen to over 150 engaging stories, soundscapes, and activities featuring a variety of amazing women. The Rebel Girls App features stories of present day heroes and historical figures from the award-winning podcast "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls." Listeners can browse based on interest or length of story. Each story is 10-20 minutes in length. Available in English.

  • Swift Playgrounds

    2021: Swift Playgrounds uses puzzles and challenges to teach coding. This app is useful for all ages, both to beginners seeking to gain the basics of coding, and those with some experience seeking to advance their skills before moving on to more difficult coding used by developers. Available in multiple languages.

    2023: Swift Playgrounds is a free app created specifically for iPad and Mac that teaches users how to use Swift, a programming language created by Apple. Fun activities and interactive walkthroughs show beginners where to start, while advanced users can learn to create their own, real-life apps. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive, creating a fun learning experience. Available in 14 different languages.

  • Tinybop: The Human Body

    The Human Body by Tinybop supports children’s curiosity in how the human body works. In this interactive app, children will discover how hearing works, how food travels through the intestines, and how the eye sees when they dive into the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, and digestive systems with seven interactive, animated, layered models. To learn how to play, Tinybop website offers instructions and ideas on how to use this app effectively, or you can download the free handbook within the app. Available in multiple languages.