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  • 4-H at Home

    4-H at Home is a free website full of fun and educational activities kids and teens can try at home. Organized by grade range and topic, projects explore the hands-on nature-based STEM learning for which the organization and its cooperative extension programs are known. Available in English.

  • Be Internet Awesome

    Explore the Interland, featuring four challenging games that teach kids the fundamentals of digital safety and citizenship: Be Internet Smart, Be Internet Alert, Be Internet Strong, Be Internet Kind, and Be Internet Brave. Also features educational resources for both educators and parents regarding digital safety and citizenship for kids.

  • Career Girls

    A diverse array of women professionals from around the world share their experiences for girls to explore careers. Content includes quizzes, extension activities, and resources for parents and teachers. Available in multiple languages.

  • Civics! An American Musical

    Civics! A Hollywood Musical is a game created by Fablevision, an educational website aimed at classrooms to teach research methods. Civics! allows an educator to select one of four American history topics, then students learn how to conduct research by assisting various theater employees in selecting correct primary sources, studying each resource carefully, then offering observations and reflections. The result: a musical, complete with a song, costumes, and reviews. Available in English.

  • Google Arts and Culture

    Google Arts & Culture is a comprehensive high-quality resource of primary source materials for families, students and teachers. The website, and it's companion app, allow for the exploration of a wide range of content from over 2,000 museums and archives across 80 countries. Music, art and culture from around the world is accessible through interactive exhibits, tours, and games. Enjoy a wide range of activities in 3D, augmented and virtual reality. Available in English.

  • Mathigon

    This free app for mathematics makes learning fun. Available in English only, the interactive platform offers a captivating narrative along with animation and colorful illustrations. From multiplication flashcards, fractals, to prime and Fibonacci numbers, this "Textbook of the Future” allows students to explore math in a new and exciting way. Best used as supplemental learning. 

  • NFL Play 60

    NFL Play 60 is a free app that encourages and challenges kids to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity per day. Kids can choose their own avatars and then earn coins to buy cool avatar gear by jumping, running, and turning while holding onto a device to log their movements. Available in English.

  • Open Ocean: Marine Migration

    Learn about Earth's oceans, scientific research, and equipment through immersive 360-degree videos, maps, and infographics. Users can explore by visiting the free Ocean School website or by downloading their app to gain a more augmented/virtual reality experience. Available in English and French. 

  • Prodigy Math Game

    Math practice becomes a magical quest in this simple multiplayer game. Students can choose their grade level, then customize an avatar to engage in spell battles/math problems, collecting coins, accessories, and pets for every correct answer. Available in English. 

  • Queer Kid Stuff

    Lindsay and co-host Teddy educate children on a variety of LGBTQ+ topics in an entertaining way in this web series. Printable activity sheets are also included.

  • Scribbles & Ink

    Children draw along with characters Scribbles and Ink, either following interactive prompts or creating independently. Printable activity sheets and how-to-draw videos are also provided. The drawing tools are clear and easy to use. This is a simple but elegant drawing program for young learners. Available in English. 

  • Smithsonian Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens

    Smithsonian's Fun Stuff for Kids and Teens is a curated collection of interactive activities, games and exhibits. Discover and explore art, history, culture, nature and science with many of the Smithsonian's museums: meet the Zoo's animals, create with the Learning Lab, bring a treasured object "home" through the wonders of augmented reality, and play and learn through games from the Smithsonian Science Education Center.