See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog

By David LaRochelle (Author), Mike Wohnoutka (Illustrator)

In a laugh-out-loud story that keeps instructing readers to “see the cat,” Max the Dog must interact with the text to prove to the narrator and a cast of zany characters that he is indeed canine.


From the 2021 Geisel Committee: See the Cat: Three Stories About a Dog is a deceptively simple book that teaches readers the power of words. The text is in direct contrast with the illustrations, defying both the reader’s and Max the Dog’s expectations. Surprises and twists keep readers engaged and cheering for Max as he tries to outwit the narrator.  

The simple text on the unadorned left page provides a stark contrast with the whimsical and expressive illustrations on the right. The illustrations move the silliness along as Max the Dog interacts with the text, shaping it into a story of his own. 

“Short and simple sentences pull children into Max’s interactions with the book’s narrator, and they will delight as Max eventually learns the power of words and takes agency over his own story,” said Geisel Award Committee Chair Lori Coffey Hancock.

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