The Sea-Ringed World: Sacred Stories of the Americas

By María García Esperón (Author), Amanda Mijangos (Illustrator), David Bowles (Translator)

Poetry, prose, and artwork combine in this collection of traditional tales from 18 Indigenous cultures that span from Argentina to Alaska.


Published by Levine Querido. Originally published in Spanish in 2018 as “Diccionario de mitos de América."

From the 2022 award press release:  A compilation of sacred stories collected from the southern tip of Argentina to the shores of Alaska explores the origins and traditional tales of 18 Indigenous civilizations. Filled with captivating tales of creation, love, and death; the combination of poetry, prose, and illustration make each story an adventure.

“This is a collection of remarkable stories that honor the Indigenous cultures and traditions of people across two continents,” said Batchelder Award Committee Chair Dr. Marie A. LeJeune.

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