Upon seeing a ghostly figure slip out of his home, Kazu grows convinced it’s connected to an ancient temple and the sudden appearance of a mysterious new classmate. 


Published by Yonder: Restless Books for Young Readers. Originally published in Japanese in 2011 as “Kimyōji Yokochō no Natsu." 

From the 2022 award press release:  The book tells the story of Kazu, who days before the beginning of summer vacation discovers a ghostly figure in a white kimono slipping out of his home.  Kazu is driven to discover the secret of the sudden appearance of a new classmate who looks remarkably like this ghostly entity.  

“Strong characterization, rich cultural details, and a clever nested story within a story format make this book a compelling and suspenseful read,” said Batchelder Award Committee Chair Dr. Marie A. LeJeune. 

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